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Diagnostic World has a number of solutions available to Trusts during their busy times.

All solutions are bespoke and ranging from Clinician and Clinical Audit provision through to a fully managed service through NHS Clinical Services Framework.

Cost are very comparable with Agency staff costs for which Diagnostic World provide additional management and Clinical Audit.

If you are utilising Staffing Agency's to provide support to your service, please contact us for a costs effective alternative clinical solution. either through our contact us page.

Diagnostic World Ultraflex Solution Benefit to the Trust Agency Staff
Sonographer Price per scan costs X Sonographer Price per scan costs X
HR Pack - copies provided
DBS Check
Competency list
Latest Competency Assessment
Recent Audit results
Highly qualified audited sonographer
Proven clinical competencies with clinical audit HR Packs Free of Charge
HR Pack provided
Sonographer Management
Reduced staff time in training
Reduction is Trust Management Time
Sonographer Management Free of Charge
Sonographer Management
Clinical Monthly independent
Audit on all Diagnostic World Sonographers
Clinical Audit report maintaining high quality clinical service provision
Meets clinical IG requirements Clinical Audits Free of Charge
Clinical Monthly independent Audit on all Agency Sonographers
Only pay per scan / pay as you go Only pay for work actually completed
DNA's not charged for
Cancellations not charged for
Trust pay's hourly or day agency rate regardless of DNA's or cancellations
Able to increase or decrease support with very little notice
Ultrasound service support flexible to meet changing Trust demands
Only pay when the Trust needs it X
Sonographer and Scanner provision through NHS Supply Chain Spot purchase service support through NHS Supplies - NHS Supply Chain works with the Trust
Fast, efficient, quality mobilisation
Not available on NHS Supply Chain